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The Color Studio is located right beneath the Layers Studio in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

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The Color Studio lets you manage and adjust colors, access a color picker, manage swatches, add palettes, and more. Snapping is an instrumental tool that can help you quickly align assets on the project canvas.

Snapping can be enabled by tapping the Document button next to the Home button in the upper left-hand corner. You can rotate the canvas by selecting the Rotate Canvas Tool located within the same button as the View Tool. You can rotate individual assets on a canvas by using the options within the Transform Studio, or by directly manipulating rotation via the rotation handle.

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The app features handy sliders that allows you to easily adjust these values by hand, but also features a built-in custom numerical keypad for entering values as well. My workflow often consists of adding text to images that I create for YouTube thumbnails, so needless to say I use the text tool a lot.

To add text, tap the Art Text tool and tap the canvas to select the text insertion point. You can also drag your finger to configure the text dimensions before inserting text. Text details, such as font and size, can be configured using the interface at the bottom of the screen. You can also use the Text Studio to modify text to a further degree. Tap the Text Studio and select the Text Positioning option to reveal the full gamut of positioning tools. These include kerning, tracking, baseline settings, and more. A recent update to Affinity Photo makes it easy to install extra fonts via the cloud.

Tap the Settings button on the main library page, and tap the Fonts tab. From there you can access iCloud Drive and select the font that you wish to install. Once a font is installed, it is immediately available to use within documents. Effects can be toggled via the switches next to each effect name, and customized by tapping on the desired effect.

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Making selections is such a big part of the photo editing process that selections feature their own Persona, accessible via the lasso icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app. While in the Selections Persona, users are provided with a full toolset for performing smart selections, polygon and freehand selections, marquee selections, etc.

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Use the Transform Studio to gain access to advanced alignment settings for canvas objects. Using the Alignment Options link at the bottom of the Transform Studio, editors can access horizontal and vertical alignment along with object distribution settings.

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One of the great things about Affinity Photo is its ability to export to a variety of different file types. The app allows users to export any of these formats to iCloud Drive, but you can also invoke the stock iOS share sheet to take advantage of features like AirDrop. Affinity Photo, while not perfect, is an incredible experience for the iPad. It can take a while to learn its mechanics, but once you get used to the way the app works, it just clicks.

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That said, Affinity Photo needs to improve in areas such as file management and keyboard support, but these are areas that can be fixed relatively easily. Serif, the developers behind Affinity Photo and its sister app on Mac, Affinity Designer , have provided several major updates since the app launched. Imprimantes Printers. Autres produits Other Products. Produits professionnels Business Products.

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Voir toutes les imprimantes Vous recherchez une imprimante de bureau? Voir tous les produits. Voir tous les produits professionnels. Services Services. Applications Apps.

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