How to play windows cd on mac

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This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Categories: Audio. Learn why people trust wikiHow. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Learn more Press the Eject button on your disc drive. This is typically located on the front plate of the disc drive, on the bottom-right.

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Close the tray by pushing it or pressing Eject again. The tray's motor will typically handle the closing, unless it's a spring-loaded notebook drive. Click Select to choose what happens with audio CDs. If you don't see this notification appear on your screen, you've already chosen an action to take when an audio CD is inserted. If you want to change the program that opens automatically when a CD is inserted, you can do so from the Control Panel.

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Click Play audio CD. You'll see the program that will play the CD displayed beneath. If you have multiple programs installed that can play audio CDs, you'll see them listed. Windows Media Player is the program that comes installed on all versions of Windows. If nothing happens when you insert your disc, you can start Windows Media Player yourself.

Double-click your audio CD in the left menu. The CD will begin playing, and you'll see all of the tracks appear in the center of the window.

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Click and drag the volume slider in Windows Media Player. This will adjust the volume of the CD as it plays. Note that this volume slider is separate from your system volume. Make sure your system volume is set high enough to hear before adjusting the Windows Media Player volume.

Open the Control Panel. The process for this is a little different for Windows 10 and 8 versus Windows 7 and earlier: Windows 10 and 8 - Right-click the Start button and select "Control Panel. Click the AutoPlay option. If you don't see this option, click the "View by" menu in the upper-right corner and select either "Large icons" or "Small icons. Scroll down to the CDs section. Click the Audio CD drop-down menu. Click the action you want to take when an audio CD is inserted. Click the Enhanced audio CD drop-down menu.

Click the Save button. The actions you set will be the new default actions for when an audio CD is inserted into the computer. Insert the disc into your Mac's disc drive. Make sure that the disc is label-up as you insert it.

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Most Mac laptop computers have a slot for discs, while some Mac desktops have a slide-out tray. Click the iTunes button in your Dock if it doesn't open automatically.

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Click the CD button. You'll see this along the top row of buttons in iTunes. Click and drag the Volume slider to adjust the volume. You'll see the volume slider at the top of the window next to the playback controls.

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The iTunes volume slider is independent from the system volume slider. If your system volume is turned all the way down, adjusting the iTunes volume won't do anything. Eject the disc when you're done.

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There are several ways to eject the disc on a Mac: Press the Eject button on your keyboard. Drag the CD icon on your desktop into the Trash. This will only work if icons for discs are visible on the desktop. An external SuperDrive is a quick and easy way of playing physical discs on your Mac, but if you regularly use your Mac in more than one location, then you may not be too keen on carrying an external drive around with you. One solution is to use the SuperDrive to rip this content to your hard drive, using a tool such as HandBrake.

However, before ripping any content you should always check the copyright information and, if required, the laws regarding ripping copy-protected content in your current location. If you find yourself copying lots of large media files to your hard drive — such as whole TV series or full-length movies — then you may want to invest in a USB drive or SD card where you can store these files externally, rather than cluttering up your hard drive. Firstly, both computers must be on the same network, and secondly you cannot use Remote Disc to access copy-protected DVDs.

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how to play windows cd on mac How to play windows cd on mac
how to play windows cd on mac How to play windows cd on mac
how to play windows cd on mac How to play windows cd on mac
how to play windows cd on mac How to play windows cd on mac
how to play windows cd on mac How to play windows cd on mac
how to play windows cd on mac How to play windows cd on mac
how to play windows cd on mac How to play windows cd on mac
how to play windows cd on mac How to play windows cd on mac

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