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More complex apps offer richer functionality. This may include the ability to load start lists into the app before the race, so you can tap bib numbers on your screen to record times in a single tap instead of having to enter bib numbers manually.

For Race Organizers

There are a number of apps out there, both free and paid, than can help simplify the task of timing participants in your race. Below we list some of the most popular.

A lot of work has gone into making Webscorer one of the best and easiest-to-use race timing apps available internationally. As a bonus, Webscorer comes with a large library of video tutorials to help familiarise you with the app before you purchase. RaceSplitter comes with an extensive support site with a wealth of tutorials to get you started. The app offers cross-platform support and comes with a publicly accessible live results page for each event as standard.

That means there is no app to download on your device and you can access all race timing functions by logging into RaceClocker. The limitation there is that you need a stable internet connection to avoid any mishaps although you can continue to work on RaceClocker and re-sync your data when your connection is restored. The upside is that you can login from any device, upload results instantly from anywhere and then edit data from the comfort of your desktop. You can download the free version of RaceClocker and use it on any number of races for up to 10 participants or upgrade to RaceClocker Unlimited which offers, uhm, unlimited participant entry.

Sports Timing Solutions , the company behind STS Pro Score, has a solid track record in delivering high-quality free tools for athletes and race organisers, alongside its regular chip-timing services. STS Pro Score can handle multiple wave starts and split times, and is an excellent choice should you be considering a free race timing app for your race. Live results straight from your mobile? Race timing apps can do that.

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The way barcode systems work is by issuing every participant with a unique barcode before the race which can be used for all future eligible events. All they need to receive a finish time is to present their barcode, which can be simply printed on a piece of paper or worn in a wristband or keychain, at the finish line. What we described above is the procedure used by Parkrun. In theory, you can do without Step 2 provided you can line people up in the right finish order before taking down their barcodes in Step 3, which would be possible in smaller and sparser races.

Barcodes and QR codes are easy to generate and print.

NFC chips are a type of low-frequency therefore short read-range RFID chip that are cheap to acquire, easy to configure and — perhaps best thing of all — can be read by any smartphone with a suitable reader app. So, why bother with NFC tags at all and not use barcodes? Well, although NFC tags are a bit more expensive than barcodes, they do offer a few benefits over barcodes which may make them a better choice for your race:.

NFC tag embedded in a wristband read by an ordinary mobile phone. Not only that, but most timing apps we discussed above come with NFC-ready. So you can use your race timing app as an NFC reader and benefit from all the additional cool features race timing apps provide, such as live results uploads, entry list management etc.

So, although subtly different from barcodes, radio makes all the difference for NFC and can open up a whole new range of capabilities for your race timing. There are many slightly different ways to time a race manually. However, all of them pretty much boil down to the same three steps:.

  • RunScore – Software for scoring running races and triathlons;
  • Accurate lap timer for race fans.
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  • Rules/Officiating.
  • Scoring Programs.

Which is essentially the stripped-down version of the barcode-based timing procedure we went over earlier for Parkrun. So, if participant with bib number crosses the finish before participant with bib number , it is important for the second official to reflect this in their respective positions in the finish queue. Often, a separate team member may be employed at the finish line to make sure finishers line up in the right order in front of the second official.

Scoring Programs - United States Sailing Association

Never stumble with stopwatch, pen and paper again. Suddenly, the best equipment is in the hands of the timer. Sign up. However, in most cases, you can use a pre-configured template for your event, so that you don't have to care about configuration and event logic. Pricing When working offline, our software is free.

If you would like to host your event on our server to work online with other team members and to publish results on our platform, we charge you a fee per participant. This license model goes along with our philosophy that we offer not only a program but rather a service that helps and supports you during all your events. The fee per participant allows you to use all our services: timing and scoring using race result 11 , online registration, results and certificates on my race result , server usage.

Event Timer FREE Software

This way, even very small events can be timed using a professional software. Price for Your Event Participants: Price: Other Products If desired we configure your event file according to the information you provide.

free race timing software for mac Free race timing software for mac
free race timing software for mac Free race timing software for mac
free race timing software for mac Free race timing software for mac
free race timing software for mac Free race timing software for mac
free race timing software for mac Free race timing software for mac
free race timing software for mac Free race timing software for mac

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