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The Program can be downloaded from the web site and the demo version of the program handles a maximum of 12 boats. An instruction manual in Word is provided though built-in assistance is very good. The program is in compliance with The Racing Rules of Sailing. The program supports a variety of output reports including results in html format for web publishing. Users can create their own report format specifying what to include in the report and where on the report it is placed.

Full information and the program for downloading is available on the QuickScore Yacht Race Scoring website.

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Download file size is 3. Program downloaded from ELB Software is a self-contained installation file. Extensive program documentation is provided as part of the downloaded material and built-in help files are included. Documentation is also available on the website in html format.

Data entry is fully Windows-based. Several different scoring methods and scoring options are supported. Race Log is strictly a scoring program, and it does not do any type of handicap calculations or corrections. Very good flexibility in managing fleets, divisions and classes is provided.

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Team racing is supported in the current version. Season and weekend standings can be separated out.

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Error checking is built-in. Numerous output options are included including html format for publishing on web pages. Registered users can upload results to the Race Log website for hosting.

BRIDGE GAMES - ANDROID, Apple IOS & Windows Versions

Support is indicated from ELB Software and change notification has been very good. The shareware version can be downloaded at ELB website at no charge. Race Log Web. Version 1. Documentation available for separate download. Program is downloaded as a zipped file that is extracted.

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Program is well structured allowing for easy entry of competitors, and maintains an archived database for competitor information. Unique sail numbers are required. Provisions are made for multiple divisions and classes. Scratch sheets can be printed. All four Portsmouth wind ratings and a context menu wind speed are entered for each race.

Entry of finish positions is intuitive and requires minimal keystrokes. RaceSail also supports Pursuit Starts, where each entry has a unique starting time and theoretically all boats finish at same time for additional information on Pursuit Starts see the Race Management Handbook. Another useful feature is that the program handles bow numbers and allows for rotating to model the effect of skippers switching boats to even the playing field, and is based on the college sailing program developed at Annapolis.

Software can be downloaded from RaceSail website. Currently there is no charge for the software. Regatta Management Solutions is a set of online race management tools for yacht clubs, sailing clubs and regional organizations for many types of sailing regattas including PHRF, One-Design, Junior and Pursuit regattas.

These tools include: online event schedules, registration, payment processing and scoring. The emphasis is on the organization side.

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Also provided are online tools for boat owners to manage their race schedule, crew scheduling, boat profiles and more. They also offer customized membership management tools for clubs, fleets, regional and national organizations. Program has been tested for correct scoring using a complicated tie breaker event.

Program is in compliance with current scoring requirements. Fully web-based services. Regatta Management Solutions. Evaluation Copy Source: Online web based system demo site. US Sailing has partnered with The Active Network and Regatta Network to deliver a comprehensive regatta registration and management solution designed specifically for yacht clubs, racing associations, one design classes and independent events. The Miami OCR and other major events are managed using this system. Scoring can be one by exporting the entrant list to JavaScore, St.

Bridge score calculation

Pete Scorer, or as a CSV file for scoring. The results are then posted on the web with support from Regatta Network. An option is provided for online scoring. Online scoring has been tested and is in compliance with The Racing Rules of Sailing. All current Scoring Abbreviations All! Additional options for setting up the scoring are available when the event is first set up.

Also supports Team Racing. This program is downloaded as a zipped file that is extracted to a user-specified directory. It is highly recommended that the directions provided on the website for installing be strictly adhered to. Once the files are unzipped, the folder will contain a series of files including some.

Using ACBLScore and BridgeMate on an Apple Computer

The program is installed within Microsoft Excel and, while the program has numerous features including features for round robins and team racing, it is not as easy to use as some other programs. The added flexibility and features come with some added complexity.

The program handles low point scoring, bonus point scoring, high point and custom scoring and is in compliance with Appendix A of The Racing Rules of Sailing. The program provides for a great deal of flexibility in formatting output, including html files. Only one design scoring has been evaluated. None of the handicap scoring routines have been evaluated at this time.

For a complete set of instructions and a detailed program description refer to the website. Software can be downloaded from website. There is no charge for the software. Be sure to follow downloading instructions provided for proper installation! Program is UK-based. Program was easily downloaded from Sailwave website and installed in default directory.

This is a very straight forward program to use. The help files with the program are somewhat limited, but the website has a lot of information on it. The program has a good set of reports all of which either are displayed directly on your web browser or are printed as html pages.

bridge scoring program for mac Bridge scoring program for mac
bridge scoring program for mac Bridge scoring program for mac
bridge scoring program for mac Bridge scoring program for mac
bridge scoring program for mac Bridge scoring program for mac
bridge scoring program for mac Bridge scoring program for mac
bridge scoring program for mac Bridge scoring program for mac
bridge scoring program for mac Bridge scoring program for mac
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Bridge scoring program for mac

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