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It is Fleetwood Mac's best and should be passed down from generation to generation. Even though Glee pretty much butchered these classics, it has given others a chance to discover the originals. Thanks for making this great music, guys. You rock! This album is great from top to bottom. So great fleetwood Mac could never even come close to matching the success of this album. If you don't have this in your collection you don't know what your missing. I don't usually write reviews. Like, ever. But I am obsessed with this album and band. I grew up listening to this, and always loved it, but only recently I have fallen truly in love.

The emotional trauma and work that must have gone into this album as they were all divorcing and breaking up produced some of the most emotionally-charged music I've ever heard.

Dreams (Fleetwood Mac song) - Wikipedia

The lyrics and songwriting is mystical, meaningful, and beautiful. Stevie Nick's throaty, strong, sexy voice is possibly the best thing I've ever heard. Lindsey Buckingham is so talented with the guitar. To achieve the desired percussive effect, he pounded the seat of a Naugahyde chair found in the studio.

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  5. Top 10 Christine McVie Fleetwood Mac Songs.

Green had a sudden LSD-related mental collapse, dropped out of the band and ended up digging ditches and sleeping on the streets. It sounds uncannily like the playful indie-rock sound of Nineties bands like Pavement. It took Christine McVie only 30 minutes to write this lovely piano ballad. During the early Seventies, Fleetwood Mac gradually transformed from a blues unit into a much poppier band — and this beguiling contribution from singer-guitarist Bob Welch was a key link in that progression. Restringing the guitar three times every hour was a bitch. But Lindsey had lots of parts on the song, and each one sounded magnificent.

So the song has taken on kind of an irony. Inspired by a road sign she spotted on tour, Nicks intended this simmering requiem for her romance with Buckingham to be her crowning moment on Rumours. But the song which originally ran almost 10 minutes was too long to fit on the finished LP and was dropped. Christine McVie wrote this song with Portuguese songwriter and keyboardist Eddy Quintela, whom she married in My skin turned to goose flesh, and I wondered how long this feeling was going to last.

Don Henley of the Eagles claimed the song was named for a baby Nicks was pregnant with and decided not to have during their brief late-Seventies affair. Thirty-five years later, she confirmed that he was partially correct. One afternoon during the recording of Rumours, Nicks disappeared into a small studio in the Record Plant, which belonged to Sly Stone. We were coming at it from opposite angles, but we were really saying the same exact thing. She waitressed at a singles bar. Should we go back to San Francisco? Should we quit?

Not weird enough?

It was excess in every sense of the word. Exotic food delivered to the studio, crates of Champagne. So I wrote verses for that bridge, which was originally not in the song, and edited those in. It seemed like a pleasant revelation to have. When Christine rejoined her bandmates at a Dublin gig in , after 17 years away, it was the first song they played. The chilling climax of Rumours is a seductive guitar ballad that doubles as a horror show. Shortly before she and Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac, Nicks picked up a novel called Triad at an airport.

He says that he did have a sister, but she died when she was young. John McVie started playing the trumpet at an early age at age 14, McVie began playing the guitar in local bands, covering songs by The Shadows , he soon realised that his friends were learning lead guitar so he decided to play the bass guitar instead. He just removed the bottom two strings from his guitar to play the bass parts until his father bought him a pink Fender bass guitar, the same as that used by McVie's major early musical influence Jet Harris , The Shadows' bass player.

McVie was in 3J class with Roger Warwick, a baritone sax player who had studied under Don Rendell and was to emerge in the London rock-jazz scene, their teacher, Mr Howell, although not appreciating this "funny" music, was intelligent and open-minded enough to give pupils space and time to use school facilities to practise and listen to the new wave.

Soon after leaving school at 17, McVie trained for 9 months to be a tax inspector. This coincided with the start of his musical career. McVie's first experience making music with a group of like minds was in the back room of a house in Lammas Park Road, Ealing with his long term friends John and Peter Barnes who went on to form a group called The Strangers with friends Tony Wells and Ken Pollendine performing Shadows covers. McVie's first job as a bass player was in a band called the Krewsaders, formed by boys living in the same street as McVie in Ealing, West London ; the Krewsaders played at weddings and parties, covering songs from The Shadows.

Mayall wanted to recruit bass player Cliff Barton of the Cyril Davies All Stars for the rhythm section of his new band.

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Barton declined, but gave him McVie's phone number, urging Mayall to give the talented young bass player a chance in the Bluesbreakers. Mayall contacted McVie, asked him to audition for his band. Soon thereafter, McVie got an offer to play bass in the Bluesbreakers. McVie accepted while still holding down his daytime job for a further nine months before becoming a musician full-time.

Under Mayall's tutelage, McVie, not having had any formal training in music, learned to play the blues by listening to B. King and Willie Dixon records given to him by Mayall. John McVie was the bands bassist for four and a half years. During that time John McVie was fired and re- hired several times.

Dreams (Fleetwood Mac song)

One of his temporary replacements was Jack Bruce. In , a young Peter Green was asked to join Mayall's Bluesbreakers as the band's new lead guitar player, after Eric Clapton , the third guitarist with the band, had left; some time after the recording of A Hard Road , drummer Aynsley Dunbar was replaced by Mick Fleetwood. Green, McVie, Fleetwood forged a strong personal relationship, when John Mayall gave Green some free studio time for his birthday, Green asked McVie and Fleetwood to join him for a recording session.

The same year, after having been replaced by Mick Taylor in the Bluesbreakers, Green opted to form his own band, which he called "Fleetwood Mac" after his preferred rhythm section. Mick Fleetwood joined Green's new band, having been dismissed earlier from the Bluesbreakers for drunkenness. However, McVie was reluctant to join Fleetwood Mac, not wanting to leave the security and well-paid job in the Bluesbreakers, forcing Green to temporarily hire a bassist named Bob Brunning. A few weeks McVie changed his mind, however, as he felt that The Bluesbreakers musical direction were shifting too much towards jazz , he joined Fleetwood Mac in September With McVie now in Fleetwood Mac, the band recorded its first album, the eponymous Fleetwood Mac in the following months; the album was released in February , became an immediate national hit, establishing Fleetwood Mac as a major part in the English Blues movement.

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  • Fleetwood Mac started playing live gigs in blues clubs and pubs throughout England , became a household name in the national blues circuit. In the next three years, the band scored a string of hits in the UK and enjoyed success in continental Europe. While on tour, Fleetwood Mac would share venues with fellow blues band Chicken Shack , it was on one such occasion that McVie met his future wife, the lead singer and piano player of Chicken Shack, Christine Perfect.

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