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Or sign in with one of these services. I've not used any OS X versions prior to Tiger There are different types of Tiger disks, such as: upgrade disk can't be used as installation disk - only to upgrade existing pre-Tiger OS , Intel Mac disk, Power Mac Disk. It's fixable though. If your final goal is to install Tiger, but there is no way to install it from CD-R, you still have several options:.

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First Hint is a great Idea, had to install You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Apple Computers and Hardware. Existing user?

Sign in anonymously. Or just go with the majority and vote once, if you think that's simpler or something. Personal machines: 1x Heck, he or she runs Tiger Server on a Graphite iMac. That's a G3, there. Now if I could just manage to install Tiger on my Lime iMac I use Our lab uses several software packages to drive microscopes and digital cameras that were written specifically for I haven't seen the real need to splurge on I guess I keep hoping I'll be getting a new Mac soon enough that I don't need to upgrade.

On a site like macosxhints, most people are the cutting-edge power user group, so it's unlikely to get a distribution very useful for applying to the general public. Yes, but that group is also the most likely to try little shareware products, so in fact probably a better sample for Rob's developer friends.


Can I install the newest apple os on my iBook g3?

It is interesting that Linux, which used to be great for installing on older PCs, now requires a modern, powerful box with plenty of RAM in order to run at maximum capacity. Oh well, Linux is just for playin'. My Macs are my true love! KDE and Gnome are pretty bulky when it comes to Linux, but try a lighter window manager such as Enlightenment or my current favorite, fvwm, and it runs like a breeze. I'm using fvwm on a Pentium II MHz, along with several server functions mail server, web server, file server, etc and it runs great.

I'd also recommend using a distro of linux that's a little more customized to your system Gentoo's my recommendation, or Debian is good too , as distros such as FC and Mandrake tend to be a bit bulkier unless you spend a lot of time whittling it down. As for my machines, I'm running a PowerBook G4 with Yeah, have a couple of machines myself, so here goes: Those are the currently "in use" machines -- I won't bother with the ones in the closet :. I voted "Panther" since I'm on the work machine right now, but I'll vote again later for the Tiger machines.

I voted I also have I can't even remember the last time we turned that thing on. I run Runs like a top. It still shocks me that a machine this old is still so capable. In Tiger's favour there was a noticeable difference in performance between The main reason for me upgrading to Tiger aside from new features.


The imac user is change resistant and doesn't need Tiger which I bought hoping to cure my G4 of multiple weirdness. It helped a little but still has one major weirdness. I like it anyway. I would not consider myself a power user just reasonably computer savvy.

Upgrading from Mac OS 9 to on an iMac G3 | Revolvy

I use a heavily customized With all of the third party software I have installed, many of the upgrades that occured with Tiger are moot points for me. I prefer Adium, so I don't need the new iChat. I really like Butler, so I don't need Spotlight or the change made to the Fast user Switching menu item.

I have Shapeshifter and use the Leopard variant of the iT5 theme, so I've already got Unified as well as the iTunes look for all brushed metal apps. I've already got QuickTime 7. I could go on and on, but for the most part Tiger would offer little benefit to me and too many downsides over Panther. Panther, however, is plenty for me and I am a power user.

Wake me up when Leopard is released, for that is the point at which I will upgrade. The only real advantage I see in tiger is speed. There are several apps that where only barely usable under panther , but with tiger they are much better. The whole system is faster.

Install Mac OS X 10.4 on ibook g3

And the file system actually updates in real time now. No more wait and see if the changes are there. But I do agree that Panther is very good. If I hadn't seen an improvement in speed I probably wouldn't have upgraded.

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