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Kuby, E. Scagno, R. Intellettuali e Guardia di Ferro, Milano,Soc. Barbarossa, Nygren, A. Linscott Ricketts, M. Volpi, F. The Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca Abstract: When it comes to major personalities like Mircea Eliade, correspondence has a very important role in following and recognizing both personal details of his life and intellectual development. In the same time, we try to show how Eliade changed the life of those who were in touch with him and how he was there, as a friend, for each and every one of them, both in personal and professional life.

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Keywords: Mircea Eliade, correspondence, inheritance, history of religion, intellectual development, criticism, comparative study. In his article, Sorin Alexandrescu mentioned the name of Lindsay Jones, from Ohio State University, who edited and published in the second edition of Encyclopedia of Religion 5.

Alexandrescu was surprised to 1 Norman J. Girardot and Mac Linscott Ricketts Eds. Many of them were also awarded at that time for their contribution to the history of religions. I wanted to study architecture, but after meeting him [Eliade] I chose religion. For several years now, working on the subject Mircea Eliade, I had the privilege to be in touch with many former students and colleagues of Eliade and it became so clear to me that, in one way or another — either in their academic studies or in their spiritual practice — , the encounter with Mircea Eliade changed their lives.

He had widened their horizons and offered them new methodologies in their research work.

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For those who have known him personally, Eliade was a good friend who knew how to graciously overcome the complexities and constraints in teacher-student relationship, and to reach the heart of his interlocutor. His good wishes and his concerns for those around him, irrespective of their color, their political or religious beliefs are amply reflected in the memories, correspondence or personal communications of people who were, in different manners, in touch with him. Many of his students and collaborators have benefited from his well-known generosity, Eliade being known as a person who would give big tips to those who had helped him or his family.

Before moving towards some of the most remarkable encounters with Eliade, we should mention some general things about his correspondence, and cite some recent published letters from his exchange with his Swiss student Henry Pernet 8. Also, in order to understand better his implication and role in forming several generations of historians of religions, in the present article we would discuss more about his close relationship with Henry, as it is explained and understood in 25 years of contacts.

There are, on one hand, letters to family and friends and, on the other hand, letters to big personalities of Romanian culture or important people from abroad with whom Eliade worked over the years. His letters contain details about his writing novels, courses, books and his activities conferences held all over the world , or personal matters about his family, or precious information about interwar Romania, World War II years spent in England and Portugal , life in Paris or Chicago Without having any complex, the year young Eliade writes a long letter to Nicolae Iorga, the idol of his adolescence, and even before turning 20 years, he starts a correspondence with Giovanni Papini, Raffaele Pettazzoni, Ernesto Buonaiuti, or Aldo Mieli.

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He writes to them and asks for books or different favors related to his future projects. Also, several independent collections of correspondence were published, in Romania or abroad. From the interwar period we have important letters to and from Emil Cioran and Lucian Blaga. From the Portugal period we also have the correspondence with the historian and poet Alfredo Pimenta. Letters from the Parisian time contain precise information about the process of writing of many important literary or scientific books.

Letters to all these continue after , when Eliade arrives in United States. Even if he was abroad for the biggest part of his life, Eliade was always interested in the Romanian culture he was formed into. Very often, he asked to his Romanian correspondents to send him books and magazines, so that he could know what is new in Romania. The fact that he never returned to Romania was his greatest regret. Many times he had this intention, but in time he learnt how to live away from Romania. In Eliade gifted to the Central Library of Bucharest University hundreds of volumes and journals; he was happy and declared himself satisfied in , when the collection arrived in Bucharest, that the young students can read and learn from those books.

We learn about a very generous and altruist Eliade. No matter how busy he was, he always found time to help young students and to reply to those who were in touch with him. One of these students was Henry Pernet, from Switzerland.

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The savant, but especially the person, a warm and friendly Eliade, impresses Henry and on his way back home, the young student takes the most important decision: he will study history of religions with Mircea Eliade, at Chicago. He studied with Mircea Eliade, Joseph M. Kitagawa, Frank E. Reynolds and Charles H. Long and obtained a PhD in History of Religions.

I am happy and flatted by the interest you have in my researches. In time, Henry and Eliade became friends and they spent together beautiful moments. Their talks moved from history of religions to literature and even politics or art and music, to personal matters, about families. Beyond different views regarding one subject or another, Henry was and remained a true admirer of Eliade.

Today, like then, I am in business, but I am not the same, and this initiatic passage in the history of religions — even it did not make me the historian of religions I wanted to be — opened my spirit and transformed me.

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And this is only because of you, and not because of the discipline; at the meeting from Ascona, your personality convinced me to follow you. I think even if you had taught biology, I would still have followed you… but it seems I am about to make confidences, and this is not good for a Swiss! The common point of all of them is the assurance that Eliade changed their way of thinking, opened their sky and was there, as a friend, for each and every one of them, both in personal and professional life. He was encouraging and supportive. With tremendous intellectual curiosity, fascination for the unknown and unexpected, a strong will and enthusiastic energy, he gave my scholarship and my personal ordeals a much-appreciated priority.

At the same time, this initial encounter provided false lessons and misleading expectations about what my life, as a scholar and professor, would be. In the 25 years that followed, I could appreciate his simplicity, generosity, incredible culture, creativity, humor, and his great kindness. From many points of view, he changed my life and I am keeping a great admiration for him.

Mihaela GLIGOR wonderful fulfilling life in which scholars have the freedom and leisure to sit around for days in lively, stimulating, creative encounters.

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