War thunder mac download error

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The launcher updated and closed as it should, but then when it wants to launch up again, it gives me this error. I start the game with the desktop shortcut. I downloaded the game via the link given in the email that leads me to the official website.

War Thunder Mac yuplay/err_disk_msg error fixed RUS/EN/ITA

Said file doesn't exist, but when I create it with a text editor and I use the desktop shortcut, it will have this within it. I want to try if i bug too x good luck guys i'm happy for u to have been chosen and i hope it will work soon for you. There is no game exe file. It's the launcher, and I need the launcher to even download the actual game content.

It also happened with my WoT launcher a while ago. Other people also seem to have it. It must be something the Launchers both do. Anyone who has success with this, maybe if we copy paste what's in your XML it works.

War Thunder on Mac

I don't know. Basically, what I did was ask a friend of mine to copy paste the content of both. This doesn't -truly- fix the issue, but it's a makeshift fix for those desperate enough. Like me. UAC is most likely off. At least, there is no other program that I ever need to launch as administrator And, launching the launcher as Admin never fixed the issue anyway. My avast is "off" aswell, or it should be. Anyone else with Avast has this issue?

That is something I didn't try. But it's "7z. Had the same problem, ran launcher as administrator and disabled Avast anti virus fixed the problem for me. You need to play a total of 50 battles to post in this section. Report post 1.

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Posted March 12, edited. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Report post 2. Posted March 12, Can you paste into a spoiler what your AviailbleContent. Report post 3. These and other options will soon be available to War Thunder's tank players on new and previously-available maps that have been updated with destructible items.

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In time, all maps will be updated, eliminating all favored camping safe spots. Players can however adjust the amount of destruction rendered on-screen, to keep framerates high on lower-end systems. War Thunder's rivers, lakes and oceans are receiving a similarly huge upgrade with the introduction of NVIDIA WaveWorks, a GameWorks technology that accurately recreates the movement of water and its interaction with wind and other forces, and with objects.

This is best demonstrated in motion, so click below for a quick video. In the clip you can see how the hydroplane bobs on the surface of the water, and when you attempt to land yourself in-game you'll discover that the new, realistic water system makes that a significantly trickier task than it used to be. Further complicating matters is the fact that maps can be created with conditions set to different Beaufort scales , making the task easier or harder.

Along coasts, realistic crashing waves and foam will be visible, and when taking tanks for a spin in water, realistic wakes will follow. In addition, the introduction of this realistic water has enabled the creation of a water refraction setting, allowing light to change direction when passing through water, creating new visual effects on river and ocean beds.

War thunder Mac OS Sierra | Tom's Hardware Forum

For the implementation of GameWorks, which was a significant undertaking for a cross-platform versus multiplayer game operating on several very different gaming systems, Gaijin Entertainment had full access to our technologies' source code, and the assistance of our strong GameWorks team. Features were customized for their specific needs, with particular emphasis placed on fast CPU-only performance, scalable level of detail for older systems and slower platforms, and fast, low-latency updates between servers and clients to ensure waves and destruction events are correctly synchronized between all 32 players.

If unsynchronized, players would appear to be killed through walls that were seemingly intact, and all manner of funkiness could occur with hydroplanes that are supposedly being tossed-about by waves. Amongst the many included changes, the standout feature is undoubtedly the addition of Physically Based Rendering PBR , which adds realistic material properties to the textures applied game-wide.

War Thunder Common Technical Issues and Solutions, Performance Improvement and Useful Software

An extensive and highly detailed description of PBR is available to read on Gaijin's devblog , but in short, with PBR each texture has real-world properties. For instance, a texture representing a piece of aluminum will reflect a substantial amount of light, will glimmer, and is more likely to produce a bloom effect than a rusty piece of metal. A vivid example of the image quality upgrade provided by PBR is shown in the interactive comparison below. With each texture capable of reflection, refraction, and diffusion, detailed game elements like tanks and houses look substantially different following the new Firestorm update, greatly improving the fidelity and realism of War Thunder.

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