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With the right director, who needs a script?

Mac And Me is equally notable for its blatant instances of product placement, with cans of Coca-Cola present in what appears to be every scene, and the titular alien, Mac, subsisting exclusively on Coke and packets of Skittles.

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Here, then, are ten alternate interpretations of Mac And Me. A careful repeat viewing of Mac And Me reveals a recurring theme: Check out this handsome dining table and matching chairs:. Note, too, the rather splendid pine welsh dresser lingering seductively in the background. Just look at the lovely fit and finish in evidence here:. But where can one buy these quality items?

In case you missed it, a similar advertisement is shown later on, this time in the shape of a massive billboard poster sitting in the middle of the desert.

Before they became addicts, they were probably well dressed, had all their teeth, and were perfectly capable of coherent speech, instead of the weird peeps and whistles they emit in the film. Then again, is Mac And Me one of the most cunning examples of reverse psychology in the history of cinema?

McDonald's products may be omnipresent throughout, but look again at the company they have to keep: There are subtle clues, too, in the frightful McDonald's dance scene mentioned earlier.

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Take a closer look at the extras in the background: The next morning, he finds that the creature has trashed most of the house and learns its identity, but is blamed alongside his brother by their mother for what has happened. After seeing the creature again, Eric tries to catch up to him, but ends up sliding down a hill and falls into a lake, where he nearly drowns, but is rescued by the alien. Eric is not believed at all when he tries to tell his family about the creature's actions.

Later that night, he sets a trap with the help of his new friend, Debbie, who had also seen the alien.

10 alternate interpretations of Mac And Me

The two trap him inside a vacuum cleaner, which malfunctions and causes the entire neighborhood to suffer a power surge. After the alien is released, Michael now believes Eric, but it leaves before Janet can be convinced.

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Eric's behavior towards the alien changes after he fixes all of the damage he caused to the house, and leaves behind several newspaper clippings which Eric believes are an attempt to communicate. FBI agents Wickett and Zimmerman, who had been present when the four aliens escaped from the base, have tracked down the youngest one to the Cruise residence.

The two are immediately recognized by Eric and Michael. Eric is forced to take the alien, whom he has now named MAC short for "Mysterious Alien Creature" , to a birthday party at a local McDonald's where Debbie's older sister, Courtney, works. Wickett and Zimmerman follow, but MAC, now disguised in a teddy bear suit, starts a dance number as a distraction and escapes with Eric on his wheelchair.

After Wickett and Zimmerman chase them through a nearby neighborhood and shopping mall with additional help, they are rescued by Michael. With MAC's help, they travel towards the outskirts of Palmdale and manage to find them in an abandoned mine. While stopping at a gas station, they accidentally alert security.

After MAC's father steals a gun from a security guard, the police arrive and a shootout takes place in the parking lot, which ends with an explosion destroying the gas station and Eric being killed by a stray bullet. For saving Eric's life, MAC and his family are granted American citizenship with the Cruise family and their neighbors, as well as Wickett and Zimmerman, in attendance at the ceremony. The film ends with MAC's father driving his family, along with the kids who helped them, down a highway. Producer R. Louis was required to negotiate the rights to use the McDonald's brand and its elements within the film.

He pitched the project as a cross-promotional endeavor which could be promoted at its restaurants, and with its profits helping to support RMHC. Some have reported that the film was—at least partially—financed by McDonald's, [5] [6] [7] which Louis denies.

Louis noted that he was one of the first to leverage the chain as a platform for promoting films; Disney would later enter into a long-term deal with McDonald's to cross-promote its properties such as films through in store campaigns such as Happy Meals although this relationship ended in May , amid pressure to reduce the promotion of junk food to children.

Despite this, Louis remarked that he was "still the only person in the universe that ever had the exclusive motion picture rights to the McDonald's trademark, their actors, their characters and the whole company.

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Stewart Raffill , who had made a number of family films, was brought on as director despite the film not even having a script written yet. He says he was recommended to the producer by James Brolin, with whom Raffill had made 's High Risk. I was hired out of the blue. And the producer asked me to come down to the office.

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So I did and he had a whole crew there, a whole crew on the payroll. It was amazing. He had the transportation captain. The camera department head.

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The AD. The Production Manager. He had everybody already hired and I said, "Well, what's the script? I don't like the script. You have to write the script. You're gonna have to write it quick so prep the movie and write the script on the weekends. The crew aimed to distinguish the film from E. Raffill says the producer wanted to use an actor who was handicapped. The kid had never acted before, but he was a wonderful kid. In one scene, Eric Cruise played by Calegory, who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair in real life [12] is seen rolling off a cliff in his wheelchair; Raffill noted that he performed a portion of the stunt himself, explaining that "it's very hard to do physical things when you're in that condition.

It's very hard to make a wheelchair work, because it's not a very balanced thing. When you start going fast in a wheelchair, you place tremendous risk on the child, so you have to try and figure out how to do that in a controlled fashion. When Eric arrives, Ronald politely greets him saying "Hiya coach, how's it going? Ronald is seen one last time when the kids and teens start dancing, and even puts his hand on a little boy's shoulder, showing them the dancing children.

The film was heavily criticized for the similarity of its plot, characters, and even the design of the alien, to E. It was further criticized for its numerous and blatant product placements, including Coca-Cola and Skittles the only food the alien eats , Sears where the boy's mother works , and pervasive promotion of McDonald's. The contrivance of the character being called "Mysterious Alien Creature" to be abbreviated as "MAC", a five-minute dance number in a McDonald's franchise featuring Ronald McDonald, and the use of the restaurant mascot to introduce the film's theatrical trailer, led Leonard Maltin to call the film "more like a TV commercial than a movie".

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