Change apple id mac os x

Don't be locked out because you forgot your Mac administrator username

Not sure what to do. Hi Luqmaan, did you ever get a solution to this problem? I have the same problem. Cannot sign out of iCloud because keychain will not de-select. Please help Apple. And another one for the iTunes Store and App Store. The reason for this was that way we could share everything from the iTunes Store on all our devices.

My wife has like me her own Apple ID for all iCloud services like calendar, contacts and so on. Now that apple introduced family sharing there is no reason for me to keep 2 Apple IDs and like you mentioned it is better to have one apple ID for everything to avoid problems. Changing the email address of the Apple ID ist only possible if the email address is not already an apple ID.

How to Change the Country Associated with your Apple ID?

I had a similar situation. Wow, thank you very much. For some reason I am now getting the text messages my wife is sending, along with the replies that are being sent to her. I also just started using the Message app on my iMac and I entered the code to allow my messages from my phone to come up on my iMac. How can I keep our contacts, notes and calendars which all sync through iCloud the same on all three devices?

Thank you for any help with this setup.

Stick to Dropbox for files for now, cross platform too. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. March 4, at pm. March 4, at am. Ricky says:. September 26, at am. Roselle says:. July 13, at am. JL says:. September 22, at pm. Ang says:. June 17, at am. April 16, at am.

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Review: macOS Catalina is what Apple promised the Mac could be, and is a crucial upgrade

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How to delete a user account on MacBook

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Update Apple ID Settings (macOS Catalina), Fix

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Roger says:. We are still in the process of figuring out all the changes in macOS Catalina and will be updating this post as we find additional information. He is based out of Los Angeles, CA. In a former life, Sudz worked helping Fortune companies with their technology and business transformation aspirations. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. My sons iPhone phone got stolen in Barcelona in about may He has about email addresses could not remember the passwords to access them. After months of trying we retreived access to most of them and reset them except for one we are still trying to get one. Apple are not helpful in this area! His new phone had to have new email address etc, as we could not access existing information no thanks to apple for months.

Use your Apple ID to reset your password

We are paying for iCloud backup, but cannot use it, as there seems to be no way to connect the new phone iCloud to the same iCloud back up. How do we do this? We are still trying to retrieve it. Catalina hides stuff. Most people like simple menu-driven software, as they cannot remember things, particularly if they seldom or occasionally use, hiding secret tiny icons like Apple and Microsoft now do is hated by most people.

How do you move a new iPhone replacement iCloud to the already existing icloud data bank? Another question is there a simple method to view photos and videos on an iPhone backup in a MacBook or iCloud? This is a simple procedure in Microsoft why is it so hard in Mac. Finding moving to Mac very frustrating, not enjoying it. Sorry that your son and you are having such a terrible time getting things back to normal! It certainly sounds frustrating.

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