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See the detailed list of requirements here. Logic Pro X comes with a long list of new powerful and helpful features. View the full list of improvements and updates to the app. Read about the new features of Logic Pro X here. Logic Pro X supports the projects created earlier, starting with the version Logic 5 and all more recent versions of the app. Is my current version of the app Logic 8 or 9 to be replaced with the latest version? After this, your older files in the sound library will be compatible with your current projects. Check on Mac App Store , to get the full version of the app.

I just purchased and installed Logic Pro X, and Logic 9. Dulled brilliance indeed. Reading your review my conclusion is.. I call that a Top Deal. Stop complaining and make music instead.

Apple Logic Pro X 10.3.2 DMG Mac Free Download [1.3 GB]

And you can use 9 and X without any issues. Not sure why it isn't working on your setup. I'll be very careful in future not to offend. That is never my intention. And I will try Sounds great. Thanks for the information, all. And I will try to "get over myself".

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Good advice. As others have said, you can use 9 and X at the same time. This really is a steal compared to ProTools. As far as upgrades… with the other DAWs, you have to pay for upgrades. I passed on that. Apple is not making any upgrade paths, I guess because the software is fairly inexpensive compared to the other DAWS. I eed some advice. I am a pianist. I want to make "beds" for my piano, using my Rodes microphones and analog hardware to record the piano parts after I complete the "frameworks" on my Mac Pro.

I may record direct to my Mac but believe I will need some sort of modular interface to do live recordings not using all digital instruments. I may want to do piano, bass, and drum tracks and then import them into the DAW that I choose with your help. I was set on Logic Pro.

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Now I see Logic Express at the same price. Are these upgrades or full programs? Which is a better program? Should I move towards Ableton or Cubase? I've used Cubase and I get somewhat confused. Any other ideas?

I'll consider any suggestions on this topic , and thank you in advance for your expertise and your time. Here's the lost 'n'. I said I was a bit confused. Hi Jazzica, Abelton Live is great. Its traditional focus of live performance and loop manipulation is not precisely what you want to do. I didn't mind not crashing several times per day, either. Cubase taught me to save.

I would still recommend Logic Pro, especially now that version X is out. Logic Express is no longer available—If you see it at retail, question that retailer. If you already have microphones and want to record live instruments, then yes, you will need some kind of pre-amp s and audio interface. Many devices combine the two. For a more detailed conversation than we can have here in comments, I'd recommend asking on the "Mac OS X Audio" forum macosxaudio.

Logix Pro X: Remixes von bester Qualität

Logic is starting to feel a bit dated compared to Cubase. Not much evolution going on with Logic nowadays. Forgetting your pro users? Nice to see they fixed the HT problem so soon. Only problem is that 9. How are you thinking Apple? This totally kills hyper-threading support for Mac Pro's. Weakest update ever. Make a 9. Yes, there is most definitely an issue with multicore macs. My projects needs more cpu power compared to previous versions. This needs to be fix asap!! The 8. Especially Ultrabeat and some beat-audio-files of my projects seem to be missing.

Unsure if this is a specific problem in my case, yet, if anyone experienced similar symptoms plz report. I hear all that you are saying and yet I've mixed music for several films released by major studios in logic and half a dozen CDs. The reviews have been good and the I've been nominated for a major award for one of the films. The equipment never substitutes for good ear training and creativity.

Although I do not use logic for all things, I have found it to be a fast and reliable tool for me to work with in a professional environment. I noticed your earlier, disdainful comment to the other Logic supporter about his work, and I imagine you will dismiss my comments with the same arrogance.

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Luckily I am not dependent upon you to pay my fees or review my work. Those who do must not have the benefit of your highly refined taste. This isn't a review, but rather a question as to why this update will no work for me.

In fact, Logic Pro 7 will absolutely not work on my Powerbook. I've tried many forums and discussions and cannot figure this out. Logic Pro 7.

Logic Pro X Download – kostenlos – CHIP

Dongle is in and works fine tested it on a different system to confirm. Then when I tried to run this updater 7. Yet Logic is in there.

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  • Does anyone have a clue as to what's going on? Naturally I don't have time to re-install my OS. I'd really like to use this app I paid a thousand dollars for. They said it's "beyond their support agreement". The application is brand new. Powerbook works fine in every other way, with all other applications. You don't mention the most important things, such as what have you done to try and remedy the issue.

    So, do these things: Repair permissions, use Apple's Disk Utility for this. Optimize your prebindings, use OnyX for this. Then try installing the app again.

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